Free Tech Support – Jamaica

It’s always said by a number people that if you’re good at something, you should never do it for free. I have however always believe in the opposite, it’s the things that I’m not good at that requires the most energy to execute and these are the ones I believe I should always charge for. The things I’m good at are easy for me and I can always do these effortlessly, for free. It is with this belief in mind that I have been toying with this idea for some time now, to provide for my fellow Jamaicans:


I have been on Twitter a few months now and I must say I like how close knit the Jamaican Twitter community and by extension the tech community is, for the most part (yes I see the beefs and subtweets). I’ve interacted with and even met some very interesting people, too many to list here.

In this spirit I’ve decided I’d offer free tech support to anyone who has any tech problem which I can diagnose and guide them into fixing via the phone, email or remotely using Team Viewer or Remote Desktop Connection. It doesn’t even have to be a problem, could be software advice, antivirus etc.

Persons who want to email details of their problems can email me at and those who need telephone support can email their Digicel telephone number to the email address above and I would call and help after 8pm (anyone who snickers will be sent out of the room, lol). If this offer is taken up in large numbers, I’ll probably get a dedicated number that I can give out freely. However, this is just a start out period, so let’s see how this works.


I initially had planned to list areas I’m proficient in so users could decide if I may be able to help with their problem. This was proving to be quite a task, so I will do the reverse:

  • While I have used and I’m familiar with Apple Mac OS X operating system, I’m quite a novice at this platform so I will not be able to provide much help.
  • I only run a few Linux Distros, namely, Ubuntu & Open SUSE, however, if you’re in Jamaica running Linux, I doubt you need tech support.
  • On the Mobile side I’ve been running BlackBerry OS from version 4 to 6 and also iOS since inception, I’ll not be much help on the Android platform however, I’ve used devices, but not thoroughly enough to brand myself as knowledgeable on the subject.

Think that should cover it. Tech support to any Jamaican who needs it, no cost, no hassle. Give it a try folks. –


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